Informative Articles and News Relating to Property Certificates for Landlords

6 Ways To Keep Your Business Energy Efficient

All small businesses should be considering their energy efficiency, so here are some things you can do to improve it. Taking the right steps towards achieving a high level of energy efficiency is a wise thing to do as it ...

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how an epc can save you money epc glasgow

How An EPC Survey Can Save You Both Time and Money

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law in the UK if you are building, selling, or renting a property. They are also very useful as they will allow you to learn about how energy efficient your property is ...

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scotland england wales epc differences

What are the differences between Scottish, English & Welsh EPC rating systems?

There are regional differences in the calculation methods used to determine EPC ratings, which can lead to confusion. Due to these differences, an EPC generated in Scotland should not be directly compared with an EPC generated in England. In order ...

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how to calculate the energy efficiency of your home

How To Calculate The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

If you have found your home is feeling cold in general and are wondering about it’s energy efficiency, we are here to help. A domestic EPC is a great way to understand your property and is a helpful guide on ...

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why landlords should care about energy efficiency

Why Landlords Should Care About Energy Efficiency

Most people are concerned about energy efficiency these days, and for good reason. However, landlords in particular should take extra interest in energy efficiency with regards to their property, and here is why… The EPC An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ...

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why do i need a domestic epc certificate

Why Do I Need A Domestic EPC Certificate?

Before a property can be placed on the market for lease or sale, the property owner is legally required to commission, register and provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) This certification is a document that provides details about the energy ...

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