6 Ways To Keep Your Business Energy Efficient

All small businesses should be considering their energy efficiency, so here are some things you can do to improve it.

Taking the right steps towards achieving a high level of energy efficiency is a wise thing to do as it will reduce pressure on the business budget.

Here are some of the main ways in which you can make your business more energy efficient.

1. Make good use of natural light

There is less need to switch lights on if there is a good amount of natural light coming in. Good use of natural light can also increase productivity as it promotes good health and a sense of well-being.

To let plenty of natural light in you should keep windows and blinds open as much as possible. Windows can be tinted to reduce glare whilst still letting light in. Keep window areas clear and uncluttered so that light isn’t being blocked unneccessarily.

2. Use Energy efficient lighting

Many businesses still use incandescent lighting and would benefit from switching to LED light bulbs. The initial cost of purchasing these is well worth it as LED lighting saves money over time due to it being more energy efficient.

3. Smart lighting systems

Lights being left on in business premises is a common occurence and is a costly waste of energy. Thankfully this situation can be prevented by using smart lighting and motion sensor lighting so that the lights are only on when they are needed. Dimmer switches are also a great way of making lighting systems more energy efficient.

4. Using a smart thermostat system

Heating must also be considered when improving the energy efficiency of a business premises. A good smart thermostat is worth investing in so that you have more control over the heating and can ensure some areas are not heated if they don’t need to be.

5. Keep your heating systems up to date

Updating heating systems saves you money in the long term so a modern and well maintained heating system is a must for any business. What you invest in a top quality heating system is money well spent as it results in significantly reduced energy usage and savings.

6. Proper insulation

Installing proper insulation is a fairly simple and inexpensive task which is an effective way to improve the buildings energy efficiency. If you are spending money on heating / cooling your premises then insulating the attics and weather-proofing the windows and doors makes a lot of sense.

These steps alone should be enough to greatly improve the energy efficiency of your business, and by making a point of seeing to this you will reap the rewards over time.