7 Reasons Why Glasgow Is Recognised As A Global Green City

Glasgow has gained global recognition as a sustainable city and won the award Global Green City 2020.

The city has gone to great lengths to reduce harmful emissions and this article lists some of the ways it has transformed into a green city.

1. There are more than 90 gardens and parks

Green spaces are essential to creating a greener city and they a pivotal in maintaining the health and well-being of residents. Glasgow boasts over 90 gardens and parks, and eight of these sites have received the UK’s Green Flag award. Green spaces help to tackle air pollution, encourage outdoor activities, and increase social interaction.

2. Ultra-low emission buses are now in operation

These new buses were launched in October 2018, operating on just one route (975 city service). Now many other city services (the 18, 241, 34) have made use of these eco-friendly buses.

3. Low Emission Zones (LEZs)

Following the introduction of ultra-low emission buses, low emission zones were implemented in December 2018. Only vehicles that meet a required emission standard are allowed to operate in these zones.

4. The Council received £4.75 million to improve energy efficiency in homes

In June 2020, the council received £4.75 million in green funding and improve the energy efficiency standard of many homes throughout Glasgow. The council’s goals include reducing fuel poverty across the city whilst implementing energy-saving strategies.

5. Every property requires an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

Landlords are now required to obtain an EPC before renting out their properties. This allows tenants, buyers, and investors to see how energy efficient a building is before committing.

6. Glasgow has the 2nd largest proportion of green space in the UK

Glasgow has an impressive 32% of green space for its residents. It’s the second largest proportion of green space in any UK city (as told by the BBC).

7. One bus can replace 75 cars

Riding on low-emission buses through the city is one way to help reduce pollution, congestion, and the cost of transport. Now a new report has found that a single bus can effectively remove 75 cars from the city roads, consequently reducing annual carbon emission by 67,200kg.
Glasgow has risen to be a city worthy of recognition for its efforts to become a greener city.

Glasgow aims to continue its mission to maintain high standards of energy efficiency across transportation, building, and overall city planning.