How To Save Energy When Working From Home

Over the last two years many have resorted to working from home.

Although remote working saves money on travelling to and from work and gives greater work flexibility, the rising energy costs are a massive downside.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat the rising costs of energy bills, from changing small habits to investing in new appliances.

Here are our tops tips to help you save energy while working from home.

1) Improve the energy efficiency of your home

The best way to reduce energy costs is to investigate how to make your home more energy efficient.

To find out exactly what your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating is, contact an accredited assessor who will inspect your home and provide suggestions for improvement.

The most typical improvements are switching from traditional lightbulbs to LED bulbs and insulating wall cavities and loft spaces. These may require an initial investment, but you’ll receive a return in less than one year as your energy bills will be lower.

Other ways to achieve a higher rating include investing in solar panels or upgrading your boiler to a modern, more energy-efficient model.

2) Turn down your thermostat

Reducing your thermostat by at least 1 degree Celcius has been shown to cut energy costs by up to 10%, according to Ovo Energy.

Therefore, consider taking advantage of this tip. Sometimes people have their thermostat set too high, and they would feel just as comfortable with a lower temperature. Additionally, when you feel cold, grab a jumper or a blanket instead of turning the thermostat up.

3) Unplug unused electronics

Many people neglect to switch off appliances when not in use, leaving them on standby or continuing to run. This of course uses more energy unnecessarily.

Therefore, you should get into the habit of switching off electronics, like computers or laptops, when you’re no longer using them.

Electronics continue to use energy when on standby, so always consider whether it’s better to switch them off entirely or not.

4) Let more sunlight into your home

Avoid switching the lights on during the day by finding ways to allow more sunlight into each room. Try to work in a bright room near a window. Remove any objects that could block natural light and keep curtains or blinds fully open.

These solutions don’t require you to sacrifice your ways of living but rather enhance them simultaneously.