How You Can Make Your Business Green In 2023

Climate change and the environment are huge topics of discussion in today’s world.

Both consumers and businesses are more eco-conscious than ever before.

Many people are looking to change their habits and choices to make positive impact on the environment. There is a growing demand for businesses to lead the way and go green and there’s increasing pressure to stay competitive in their industries.

For businesses, it’s more than just bran reputation that’s on the line, their balance sheet is also taking a hit if they don’t look at way to reduce energy consumption.

So in what ways can businesses change to become more green in 2023? Here are our top tips to help achieve your goal.

1) Improve energy efficiency

Many companies can still do more to improve the energy efficient of their office premises. The best way to assess your building is to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which scores your performance and suggests improvements.

An accredited assessor will inspect your property for how you consumer energy. Your lighting system, central heating, appliances and whether you have adequate insulation is taken into account. Suggests are then made which could include replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs, insulating wall cavities, or replacing windows or doors to prevent heat escaping.

By following through on their suggestions, you could save huge amounts of money on your energy bills as well as boost your company profile and increasing the value of your property.

2) Implement a recycling programme

Businesses of all sizes produce waste, whether it’s cardboard, plastic, glass, paper or food. Much of this end up in landfill sites adding to pollution, unless it’s recycled. You can avoid this outcome by creating a strict recycling programme at work to ensure that materials are separated before being exported to a recycling centre. Place recycling bins throughout the office and ensure employees know what each bin is for.

A recycling programme makes people think before throwing away. Sometimes you may decide to reuse items rather than throwing them out. For example, you can save money when reusing cardboard boxes by shredding them, and transforming them into packaging material.

3) Train employees

Ensure that employees are informed of new policies and show them how to be more eco-friendly at work. You could offer incentives and hold competitions to encourage your staff to change habits. For example, reward whoever recycles the most each month, or give a free shopping voucher to staff who cycle to work.

4) Migrate to cloud computing

To reduce running costs, cloud computing is an attractive solution. It also saves replying on paper, which eventually will be thrown away. Cloud computing can increase productivity, enhance security of personal data, and make communication much smoother.

Adopting at least one of these suggestions will be rewarding for company your company.

Whether improving your image or reducing energy costs, these are easy cost-effective ways to positively impact the environment in 2023.