How To Enhance Your Property’s Green Credentials

We’re all aware of the need to reduce energy and protect the environment.

But many homeowners and landlords still have room for improvements regarding how green their property is.

Here are the most important recommendations to help your property become greener.

1) Invest In Renewable Energy

Although it’s the more expensive option for homeowners, it’s still an effective way to reduce reliance on the grid. Solar panels, heat pumps, and biomass boilers help replace the need for fossil fuel heating systems, saving you money over time.

2) Insulate Your Home

Heat loss is a significant problem, particularly in older properties. According to the Energy Saving Trust, roofs and floors contribute approximately 25% of heat loss in homes. Insulating your home dramatically reduces energy consumption keeping your home warmer for longer.

3) Prevent Draughts

Inspect your doors and windows for cracks and crevices to fill in, and use draught excluders too. You can also cover keyholes and letterboxes to prevent draughts and heat loss.

4) Install Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Another method to reduce heat loss is to upgrade your windows to double-glazed or triple-glazed. You’ll also benefit from reducing outside noise.

5) Use Energy-Efficient lightbulbs

Traditional lightbulbs use more energy than LED lights and don’t last as long. LED lights will also help lower energy costs.

6) Use Environmentally Friendly Paint

Choose paint with zero amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as they’re environmentally friendly and contain fewer chemicals harmful to our health.

7) Use Sustainable Building Parts

Consider what materials you’re using when repairing and renovating your property. Search for materials that are locally sourced and have been recycled to make a more positive impact on the environment.

These suggestions improve not only your green credentials but also the property’s living conditions.

You’ll also increase the value of your property as buyers or tenants prefer a home that’s kinder to their finances.