How To Maintain A Great Tenant-Landlord Relationship

Trust is a critical factor in relationships, and a tenant-landlord relationship is no exception.

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, there are many ways to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

So here are 8 top tips we’ve come up with to help you on your way.

1) Communicate Effectively

Is your tenant able to contact you quickly? Do you respond to missed calls or texts quickly? Building good rapport requires timely responses, giving sufficient information, and thorough answers to questions.

2) Keep The Property Well Maintained

Your tenants should have peace of mind knowing that the boiler, electrical and gas items are serviced regularly. Also, ensure that carbon monoxide and fire alarms are fitted in accordance with the law and tested frequently.

3) Read The Lease Agreement

A relationship is a two-way street, so tenants should also respect the obligations in their lease agreements. Likewise, both parties should know their duties and responsibilities.

4) Pay Rent On Time

Keep your landlord happy by paying on time each month. If you’re ever in financial difficulties, speak to your landlord to come to a new agreement on when and how to pay. Honesty and communication go a long way.

5) Keep The Property Clean and Tidy

Tenants should look after the property just as much as the landlord ensures that everything, such as the boiler, is in good working order. Deal with issues, such as mould, dampness, or pest infestations, before they escalate.

6) Be A Friendly Neighbour

Consider your neighbours and minimise the chances of complaints to your landlord. So loud music, all-night parties, and noisy pets should be managed appropriately.

7) Report Damage To Landlord

If damage to the interior occurs, report it to the landlord quickly so it can be solved properly. Be careful not to conduct DIY jobs if a professional can do them better. Landlords should also act quickly when tenants complain to avoid deteriorating living conditions.

8) Dedicate Time To Manage The Property

Managing your property is a round-the-clock job, so consider how much time you can dedicate to the job. Consider hiring a third-party individual if you need more time to attend to your tenants’ needs.

As you can see, both parties have their part to play. Clear communication and swift action are crucial to building trust right from the start.

A healthy relationship helps improve your reputation as a landlord, and tenants will benefit from a positive reference for future leases.